Renewable Energy - The Future

Parker Plumbing and Heating can install a wide range of renewable energy equipment, saving you money and helping the environment.

By 2016 all new homes in the UK to be zero carbon with 25% improvement on energy use on current building regulations by 2010 and 44% improvement by 2013. Since April 2007, zero carbon homes have been exempt from stamp duty.

There is a compelling ecological and financial case to switch to renewable energy sources. Parker Plumbing and Heating and our sister company, Geothermal Installations, have over 25 years experience in the industry, and can install several types of ecologically friendly energy

Solar Energy

A good solar system could reduce the need for conventional water heating by around two thirds. By using solar energy you will reduce your heating and electricity bills forever.

The renewable, sustainable energy generated by the solar panels will never go up in price – unlike energy which is generated by fossil fuels.

Geothermal Energy

Heat pumps can be very energy efficient, producing four or five times the amount of heat energy for every unit of electrical energy needed.

Geothermal power is heat taken from the ground. The ground absorbs a vast amount of radiant heat from the sun and stores it at a constant 12 degrees from 1.2m under the grounds surface.


Biomass boilers are an environmentally friendly way to produce heat for your home through a wood burning stove.  

Organic matter available on a renewable basis. Biomass includes forest and mill residues, agricultural crops and wastes, wood and wood wastes, animal wastes,, aquatic plants, and fast-growing trees and plants.

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